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Beth Morena Cunningham


My Life Made From Glass!

Born in Manhattan, grew up on Long Island's South Shore, I spent much of my time at the beach.

As a young girl I was always creating something - anything, a roll of tape, a scissor, a box - all I need to create, I decorated my room as a child with hand painted posters, as well as my dorm room in college. Searching for roadside cast-offs to add to my decor, perfect on a college students' income, I always had a unique look. Everyone talked about my creative choices.

Graduating from college with a degree in Art Education, I taught elementary school art for 12 years and college for 25 years. While completing my master's degree, I took a class in stained glass, the rest is history. Glass work is the perfect medium for me. It's been my career since 1977.

I traveled around the country selling my glass at some of the finest craft shows; Ann Arbor, Michigan; Coconut Grove, Florida; Guildford, Connecticut and Columbus, Ohio where I won my most prestigious award "Best in Show". My favorite award among many.

I started out with small glass birds, house portraits, organic abstract designs to my most famous electronic component windows. Influnenced by my Dad who was a NASA designer, I did a series of flying machines, 3-D crazy space ships.

Now I quietly sell wholesale only - trees are the current subject matter. Who doesn't love a tree? Recently I've ventured into spirit guides, influenced by my travels to the Southwest as well as my interest in ancient rock art.

Like life, moving along with the flow of the seasons.

Who knows what is next for me ...

Artist statement

I have always looked to nature!

It has been my greatest influence and source of inspiration.

The combination of the brilliant hues in the glass, it's rich texture & the sharp linear qualities of the wire, produce an overwhelming feeling of movement through time & growth from within ones self. My work generally speaks more subtly with strong line statements suggesting a dramatic organic feeling.

The viewer may fragment the obvious or consider the whole.




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