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Paul's Art

Where someone else sees a discarded ladder or fruit crate, Paul Cunningham envisions a work of art. Using found objects, Paul makes all kinds of art, from birdhouses to mirrors to frames.

Paul became very well known for creating “tramp art” for many years as one of the “Hermitage Artists," a group of men helping to revive the vernacular art form. While legend links this folk art to hobos or tramps, its roots are from carving methods originating in Scandinavia, Northern Europe, and Russia that spread in America in the 19th century. In “tramp art,” the creator uses boxes and other types of wood, notching it in myriad ways. The notches form small pyramid facets that catch and redirect light like precious gem stones.

Paul’s chess set is a fine example of tramp art. The pieces are all boxes stacked on each other and, therefore, are able to be opened. Paul conceived, designed, and executed the chess set.

Artwork by Paul CunninghamThe work of Paul Cunningham and the Hermitage Artists has been in the American Folk Art Museum in New York and the New York State Museum, among other places. These days there’s no telling what art Paul might create, like a birdhouse out of ladders that has stems made of pipe.

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Artworks by Paul Cunningham
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