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Artifacts Glass Studio is a small, private studio featuring handmade, one-at-a-time creations sold only through shops. Beth Morena Cunningham started her studio, situated in the foothills of the Adirondacks, in the late 1970s. In today’s mass-produced world, Artifacts still manages to make each piece especially for your shops. Limited production makes Beth’s work unique and ensures that the term “handmade” retains its integrity.

Each glass creation combines the best of 21st century techniques with ancient influences. All designs are Beth Morena Cunningham’s original concepts stemming from her interests in ancient rock art and natural earthly elements. Add to this an influence of the techno world and a bit of science fiction.

Our creations include but are not limited to:

  • Boxes made of glass and stone garnished with stones and wire
  • Organic sculptures that feature agates, tumbled stone occos, river glass, beads, and wire
  • Stone circles: These futuristic wire circles include precious stone, agate, electronic components, beads, and assorted other interesting elements
  • Organic landscapes, a combination of abstract, organic designs and the wire overlay of tree forms

Check out Beth’s many fine and one-of-a-kind glass creations. These items are available wholesale-only. To order these works for your shop, contact:

Beth Morena Cunningham
Artifacts Glass Studio
Melrose, New York


You can order online at www.wholesalecrafts.com


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