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Glass Studio Trees

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I'm greatly influenced by the local landscape where I live & all those summers
spent in the Adirondacks has certainly been an inspiration.
I love trees & rocks!
They silently hold the tales & mysterious past of our beloved Earth.

Why not embellish our homes with these magnificent works of art ... TREES

Slow Dancing Tree
Twilight Tree
Curly Tree
Wire Framed Tree with Agate
Wide 2 Tree
Beveled Window (small) Beveled Window (large)
Medium Tree Panel with Ochos Tree Panel with Ochos
Window with Tree Agate panel with tree
Tree Trio Rooted Wire
Treescape Mini Tree
Wire Framed Tree Group Hilltop Tree


  Wire Framed Tree   Agate Treescape   Three Seasons

Left to right :: Roots (small) | Grove (small) | Methuselah


Plain Tree


Landscape Panel with Occos


Tree Uno





Wide Tree with Rocks (small)


Narrow Trees with Rocks


Medium Tree Window

  Tree of Live
Rock Garden Jeweled Tree Sphere
Diamond Tree Dangle Tree with columns

These items are available wholesale-only.

You can order online at www.wholesalecrafts.com or contact:

Artifacts • Melrose, New York • 518-237-5710


You can order online at www.wholesalecrafts.com


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